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Bare Root Planting Instructions


  1. Bare root material should be planted as soon as possible. If there is a delay in planting, it should be stored in a cool, shady place.  Do NOT let the roots dry out.
  2. Before digging, consider the mature size of the tree, shade projection, view, tile beds, utility location and proximity to structures. Most tree root problems occur in sewers, weeping beds or building foundations.
  3. Skim off a patch of sod about 90cm in diameter and discard. Dig the hold about 90cm diameter and 45cm deep.
  4. Remove stones and construction debris, then pulverize the lumps.
  5. Thoroughly mix 3 Way Planting Mix (provided) in with the excavate. If the soil is of poor quality, you may decide to purchase extra compost.
  6. Cut off any damaged twigs or root ends.
  7. Mound several shovels full of soil in the hole. Place the tree on top and spread the roots.  The root collar should be approximately 6cm above the undisturbed soil to allow for settling.
  8. Set the water spray nozzle on the mist setting and thoroughly wet the roots.
  9. Pour Root Rescue (provided) over roots, see instructions.
  10. Soak the soil thoroughly so the mud will flow around the roots to prevent air pockets. Check the trunk for plumb (ie vertical).
  11. Spread another 6cm layer of soil and wet thoroughly.
  12. Repeat Step 11 until the soil is level with the undisturbed area and pack the soil lightly with your heel.
  13. Construct a water ring about 90cm diameter by 10cm high. Tamp with a rake, then trickle 60 litres of water into the ring to ensure your tree is well watered.  Repeat this step every two weeks until late Fall.             

    Congratulations!  You have planted a legacy that will be enjoyed for years.