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Apple, Ambrosia Eating

Apple, Ambrosia Eating


Ambrosia™ is a naturally occurring chance seedling found in 1990 in a cultivated plum orchard previously planted to Golden Delicious and Starking Delicious in British Columbia. Its parentage is unknown but possibly is a seedling of a cross from Starking Delicious and Golden Delicious. 

It is an attractive medium-sized apple, with a bright red blush over a creamy background. Highly regarded as a juicy but sweet apple, it has a pleasant flavour. After picking, assuming you don't eat the fruit right away, the Ambrosia benefits from being kept chilled and eaten from the fridge, to ensure peak crispness. Anyone who enjoys eating the Golden Delicious but wants something slightly different in flavour will appreciate the Ambrosia.

Ht: 3 – 5 m (10 – 15 ft); Spread: 3 – 5 m (10 – 15 ft)

Delivered as a Bare Root tree.
Anticipated size at time of delivery is 200cm (6.5 feet) tall.

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