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Birch, Young's Weeping

Birch, Young's Weeping


Love the look of the Weeping Willow but don't have enough space? Young's Weeping Birch will give you the look of a Weeping Willow tree, but on a much smaller scale. Ideal for modest-sized gardens.

This is a fast-growing ornamental tree but beautiful diamond-shaped leaves that flutter and twirl in the wind. Plant this Weeping Birch tree in an island bed or mixed border near the entrance to your home and let its natural elegance speak the language of tree to say, "Welcome." Landscape lighting directed at its bright white bark will make a statement in the evening hours. 

Delivered as a bareroot tree
Approximate size at time of delivery is 200cm (6.5 feet)

Latin Name: Betula Pendula 'Youngii'
Zone: 2b
Height: 5m
Spread: 5m
Foliage: Green Fall
Colour: Yellow Flower Colour: Catkins

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