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Crabapple, Royal Beauty

Crabapple, Royal Beauty


It's not often a crabapple can complete with a Japanese ornamental cherry when it comes to flowering time and beauty - but this is the case with the Royal Beauty Crabapple.

Highly regarded by landscapers, this small, weeping tree boasts a narrow crown with beautiful bronze-leaves and reddish-pink blossoms. If you are looking for a small ornamental-like tree with excellent showing in the spring, the eye-catching 'Royal Beauty' is a sound choice. An ideal choice for smaller gardens, where space is at a premium.

Crab apples are maintenance-free trees and the weeping forms are not supposed to be pruned. Occasional fruits are non-edible. It likes humus rich and permeable soil. Excellent disease resistance.

Delivered as a Bare Root tree.
Anticipated size at time of delivery is 200cm (6.5 feet) tall. 

Zone: 3
Height: 3m
Spread: 2m
Foliage: Reddish
Fall Colour: Bronze
Flower: Reddish-pink

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