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Crabapple, Rudolph

Crabapple, Rudolph


The Malus Rudolph Crabapple was developed in Canada. It is related to the Malus 'Niedzwetzkyana', from which it inherits the purple-tints in its leaves, blossom, and fruits.

The 'Rudolph' is prized for having the largest flowers of any crab apple tree - records show the flowers have exceeded 5 centimetres across! Whereas by contrast, the fruits are extremely small and berry-like. Birders will love how this tree attracts a variety of feathered friends and fruit not snapped up during the fall months will add colour to a garden during the winter.

The Rudolph Crabapple is a wonderful specimen for smaller properties, as it is slow growing and features a small crown at maturity. In ideal conditions, the 'Rudolph' grows to an average of 6m high and with a 4.5m rounded crown.

Delivered as a bareroot tree.
Anticipated size at time of delivery is 200cm (6.5 feet) tall. 

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