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Maple, Ruby Slippers Amur

Maple, Ruby Slippers Amur


New to the 2020 fundraising tree sale is the vibrantly stunning Ruby Slippers Amur Maple. Unlike others of this species, this cultivar has a single, straight trunk leading to an oval form. 

From late spring through fall, beautiful slipper-shaped ruby red samaras become the focal point of this tree. Foliage remains dark green until it turns orange-reddish in the fall months.  

Tolerant of alkaline soil, pollution and drought once established. Prefers a moist, well-drained, slightly acidic soil. Prune only in full-leaf as needed. Hardy and adaptable with a moderate growth rate. At maturity, reaches 20 feet tall with a 20 foot wide crown. 

Delivered as a Bare Root tree. 
Approximate height at time of delivery is 250 cm. 

Trees well watered and properly cared for will have an excellent survival rate.

Sorry, no guarantees or refunds: we are a non-profit organization. 




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