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Maple, Green Mountain Sugar

Maple, Green Mountain Sugar


We've brought it back - the spectacular Green Mountain Sugar Maple! A popular choice with many in our region, this cultivar of our native sugar maple showcases a broad oval crown that reaches 55 feet wide at maturity. It also towers above other trees, reaching approximately 70 feet tall when fully grown.

The Green Mountain is an excellent sugar maple cultivar that features dark leathery green leaves that shift to a rich reddish-orange-gold in the autumn months. Considered a hardy variety, this tree has a lovely formal shape that suits most landscapes.

The Green Mountain is very adaptable to most soils, preferring to grow in average to moist conditions. It needs to be planted in a full sunlight location. It should be noted that the Green Mountain Sugar Maple dislikes air pollution and compaction. As such, we recommend this tree for our rural residents who have a large spaces they are looking to fill over time. Think heritage tree - something that future generations will be able to enjoy years from now!

Delivered as a Bare Root tree.
Approximate height at time of delivery is 200 cm.

Trees well watered and properly cared for will have an excellent survival rate. Sorry, no guarantees or refunds: we are a non-profit organization.

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