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Obelisk Saskatoon Serviceberry Shrub

Obelisk Saskatoon Serviceberry Shrub


Back for the 2019 tree sale is the popular Saskatoon Serviceberry. This year, we have been able to procure larger specimens, delivered bareroot! 

The Saskatoon Serviceberry is a small shrub (3 m/10 ft high), ideal for attracting birds and wildlife to the garden. It features showy white spring flowers becoming sweet, edible fruit; full sun for best results; very hardy and requiring little maintenance, tolerates clay soil but best in well-drained loam. The oval leaves turn an outstanding yellow in the fall. Overall, a magnificent accent in the garden. 

Delivered bareroot 
Average size on delivery 150cm (5 feet)

Zone: 2
Height: 4m
Spread: 2m
Foliage: Forest Green
Flower Colour: White

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