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About the Home Hospice North Lanark Tree Fundraiser

The Tree Fundraiser began in 1999, under the banner of the Mississippi Mills Chamber of Commerce. In 2015, Home Hospice North Lanark (formerly Hub Hospice Palliative Care) was able to carry on the legacy of this greening initiative as a fundraiser to support home hospice palliative care services.

Thanks to the generous support of Reid Gardens in Carleton Place, purchasers will receive 1 x 30 liter bag of 3 way Planting Mix, and a 4.5 gram packet of Root Rescue (mycorrhizae) with every tree/shrub purchase. 

The trees we purchase are grown in a commercial nursery, shaped and root pruned while they are young. Each spring, our tree order is shipped to us by overnight transport. Within hours they are packed in bags with the proper amount of moisture ready for pickup. 

Trees will be available for pick up on April 27, 2024. The pick up location is Reid Gardens in Carleton Place, 140 Pick Road, adjacent to the Garden Center. 

All tree inquiries should go to Home Hospice North Lanark at