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Oak, Red

Oak, Red


A wonderful native oak with dark green leaves turning a beautiful bright red in autumn, the Red Oak (Quercus rubra) is a moderate to fast-growing tree. At full maturity, it reaches up to 60-70 feet tall with round crown span of approximately 55-65 feet.

Red Oak has dark green foliage which emerges rose in spring. The spiny lobed leaves turn an outstanding brilliant red in the fall.

The Red Oak is an excellent shade tree with good form. It produces acorns which are a favourite food of wildlife and the red oak can be distinguished from white oak, as it holds on to the acorns over winter. 

Optimal growing conditions for red oak trees are fresh sites with fine, deep soils that have a loam or silt-loam texture. Porous, sandy or gravelly soils with good drainage are also suitable. The red oak requires good, full sunlight in order to grow and thrive. It is highly tolerant of urban pollution and will even thrive in inner city environments.  

Delivered in a container
Approximate height at time of delivery is 200 cm. 

Trees well watered and properly cared for will have an excellent survival rate. Sorry, no guarantees or refunds. Your purchase is considered a final sale.

Our Tree Fundraiser helps us deliver palliative care in our community and we appreciate your support. 


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